HAPI's at OmniChem

OmniChem has been active in the production of Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for more than 40 years and offers State of the Art facilities for all stages of development and manufacturing of HAPI's .

OmniChem’s multipurpose glovebox containment technology concept allows us to work on Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as on cytotoxic products.

OmniChem offers State of the Art facilities for development of HAPI's; these new facilities operate under strict containment conditions using a glove box concept similar to the one applied on industrial production scale.   

 General Lab Design :    

  • Supply HEPA air filtered
  • Air-lock to enter the lab
  • Exhaust air: terminal HEPA filtration
  • Air Balancing: all air flows into the potent compound lab
  • No drains in the lab
  • Cleanable surfaces-floor, ceiling, walls
  • Fumehood connected to the glove box with an air-lock
  • The combination acts as a "unit" and allows to handle liquids and powders in a restricted working area
  • Glove-box equipped with balance, dryer, filtration capacity
  • Fumehoods equipped with Rotavap and waste disposal

OmniChem's concept is based on (flexible) glove box technologies allowing a constant double level of containment. Class of compound : Down to class 5: OEL 0,1 µg/m3 /8 hours Scale :

  • 5 – 50 Kg OEB-4, Wetteren, Pilot plant
  • 5 – 50 Kg OEB-5, Wetteren, Sy-1 small scale unit (operational Q3 2016)
  • 5 – 250 Kg OEB-5, Wetteren, Sy-1
  • 75 – 300 Kg OEB-4, Wetteren, Sy-7
  • 100 – 500 Kg OEB-4, Balen, Sy-11
  • Prep-HPLC, OEB-5, Wetteren, pilot (150 mm column) and Sy-1 (450 mm column)

On site toxicologist support is used to determine OEB-levels .